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Hi there. just joined and needless to say I'm a ginormous fan.

A few months ago [when i first discovered them], I was zealous. In fact, I e-mailed Zach Rogue and said teensy-bop things like how him/his music is awesome. I wasn't really expecting a reply but was happy to see one a few weeks later. He was very nice, said thanks and things of the sort, maybe he's not used to extreme fanmail. Anyway, he told me that he was in Mexico for vacation at the time. But they're planning to release a new album soon, at the end of fall. Something to look forward to, I must say.

Otherwise, i'm just a bit confused on who their bassist is. On the Sub Pop and their webpage it says that Evan Ferrall is. But i've read reviews that claim Sonya Westcott is. Does anybody know that story?
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Sonya left the band and then Evan became their bassist in like December-ish!



September 30 2006, 02:01:27 UTC 10 years ago

Sonya was their first bassist, and was (I'm sure still is) competent and gorgeous and sweet. Zach said she moved and was bummed. She could only play bass, though, I think, and Evan is multitalented. The first time I saw them at Bottom of the Hill in SF when the first album was self-done and brand-new, they all played each other's instruments throughout their set, except for Sonya. I never asked her if she felt left out.